Directory of Registered WPPSI-IV(HK) Users

Name (In Chinese) Name (In English) Discipline (Educational Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist) WPPSI-IV(HK) Registration Number
陳量祺 CHAN LEONG KI Clinical Psychologist WP41CP523
陳樂欣 CHAN LOK YAN Educational Psychologist WP41EP522
鄭詠霖 CHENG WINNIE WING LAM Clinical Psychologist WP41CP525
張婉琪 CHEUNG YUEN KI Educational Psychologist WP41EP543
許憶君 HSU YIK KWAN Clinical Psychologist WP41CP535
江雅琪 KONG NGA KI Educational Psychologist WP41EP542
林嘉妮 LAM KA NEI Educational Psychologist WP41EP544
梁愷婷 LEUNG HOI TING MICHELLE Clinical Psychologist WP41CP531
廖愫愉 LIU SO YU CHRISTINE Clinical Psychologist WP41CP537
呂亦敏 LUI YIK MAN JODIE Clinical Psychologist WP41CP539
馬琬淇 MA YUEN KI Clinical Psychologist WP41CP526
石慧麟 SHIEH NATALIE JANE MARY Clinical Psychologist WP41CP534
譚漢廣 TAM HON KWONG Clinical Psychologist WP41CP540
鄧朗然 TANG LONG YIN Clinical Psychologist WP41CP530
鄧雅詩 TANG NGA SZE Clinical Psychologist WP41CP536
杜嘉兒 TO KA YI CINDY Clinical Psychologist WP41CP538
黃皓婷 WONG HO TING ALISON Clinical Psychologist WP41CP533
王柏豪 WONG PAK HO Educational Psychologist WP41EP541
王潤萍 WONG YUN PING Clinical Psychologist WP41CP528
楊詠竣 YEUNG WING CHUN Clinical Psychologist WP41CP524
姚睿祉 YIU YUI TSI DARA Clinical Psychologist WP41CP529
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