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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition (Hong Kong)

Author(s): David Wechsler

At a Glance:

  • Administration: Paper-and-pencil

    Completion Time: Core subtests: 60-90 minutes

  • Scores:.............

    Publication Date: 2014

  • Ages: Adults 16–90
  • Norms: Hong Kong
Note:King-may is authorized to revise and sell exclusively WAIS-IV(HK) by NCS Pearson, Inc in Hong Kong.

Product Summary


In recognition of emerging demographic and clinical trends, the WAIS IV was developed to provide you with the most advanced measure of cognitive ability and results you can trust when addressing the changing clinical landscape.

Responding to influencing factors

Changing Demographics

  • Updated normative data for ages 16-90 years
  • Enhanced utility for older adults

Emerging Clinical Needs

  • Additional tasks for improved clinical utility
  • New clinical and validity studies

New Research in the Field

  • New subtests and items
  • Improved measures of Working Memory, Processing Speed, and Fluid Reasoning

Increase Caseload

  • Reduced administration time to obtain composite scores
  • Improved scoring rules
  • Enhanced scoring software to assist in generating customizable reports

Features & Benefits

Five Revision Goals

  • Expanded clinical utility
  • Increased developmental appropriateness
  • Enhanced user-friendliness
  • Improved psychometric properties
  • Updated structural foundations

Clinical utility

  • New special group studies. Click here for a listing of all special group studies.
  • General Ability Index (GAI) included

Increased developmental appropriateness

  • More efficient administration time
  • Added teaching items to ensure understanding of task
  • Reduced vocabulary-level for verbatim instructions
  • Reduced emphasis on motor demands and timed performance
  • Enlarged visual stimuli

Enhanced user friendliness

  • Reduced testing time by an average of 15%
  • Revised instructions for clarity and consistency
  • Redesigned record form
  • Increased portability
  • Expanded sample responses
  • Simplified technical manual organization
  • Included new clinically sensitive supplemental subtests

Updated structural foundations

  • Transitioned from dual IQ to Index Score structure
  • Consistency with WPPSI-III and WISC-IV
  • Fewer Subtests yield FSIQ and 4 Index Scores (VCI, PRI, WMI, & PSI)
  • New measure of fluid intelligence
  • Developed new subtest to measure fluid reasoning (Visual Puzzles)
  • Enhanced measures of working memory
  • Revise arithmetic to emphasize WM
  • Revise digit span to emphasize WM (added Digit Sequencing)
  • Retain auditory WM measures on WAIS, visuo-spatial WM Measures on WMS
  • Improved measure of processing speed
  • Reduce fine motor demands

Details & Pricing

WAIS-IV (HK)— Fourth Edition (HONG KONG)
Name Qty Price(HKD)
WAIS-IV(HK) Kit-with soft case: (Manual, Stimulus Booklet, Block Design Blocks(9 blocks), 5 Record Forms, 5 Response Booklets, Scoring Key for Coding, Scoring Key for Symbol Search, #2 Pencil Without Eraser, CD of WAIS-IV Technical ) 1 $29,800.00
WAIS-IV(HK) Kit with scoring assistant 1 $32,500.00
WAIS-IV(HK) scoring assistant:The Scoring Assistant software allows you to score a case, maintain demographic information and store raw scores. It features a table and graph report, which provides raw to scaled score conversions; index scores; and strength and weakness discrepancies 1 $3,500.00
WAIS-IV(HK) Consumable Combos Pack (Pkg of 25):T1 Pack of 25 Record Forms , 25 Response Booklets 1 $4,300.00
WASI-IV(HK)[Short Form]Record Forms(50) 1 $3,200.00
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