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    Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® - Fourth Edition (Hong Kong)

    Author(s): David Wechsler

    Measure a child's intellectual ability

    At a Glance:

    • Administration: Paper-and-pencil

      Completion Time: Core subtests: 60-90 minutes

    • Scores: FSIQ, Index Scores, and Subtest Scaled Scores

      Publication Date: 2010

    • Ages: Children 6:0–16:11
    • Norms: Hong Kong
    Note:King-may is authorized to revise and sell exclusively WISC-IV(HK) by NCS Pearson, Inc in Hong Kong.
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    Product Summary


    The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fourth Edition (WISC–IV) is an individually administered clinical instrument for assessing the cognitive ability of children aged 6 years 0 months through 16 years 11 months. This updated version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Third Edition (WISC–III; Wechsler, 1991) provides subtest and composite scores that represent intellectual functioning in specific cognitive domains, as well as a composite score that represents general intellectual ability (i.e., Full Scale IQ). It incorporates significant revisions that include updated norms, new subtests, and an increased emphasis on composite scores that reflect a child's performance in more discrete domains of cognitive functioning. All artwork has been updated to be more engaging and contemporary, and modifications to administration and scoring procedures have been made to enhance the user-friendliness of the scale.

    The WISC®–IV provides more than IQ scores. It provides essential information and critical clinical insights into a child's cognitive functioning.
    This fourth generation of the most widely used children's intellectual ability assessment meets your testing needs for the twenty-first century. While maintaining the integrity of the Wechsler® tradition, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®—Fourth Edition (WISC®–IV) builds on contemporary approaches in cognitive psychology and intellectual assessment, giving you a new, powerful and efficient tool to help develop and support your clinical judgments.

    Revision Overview

    • Improved assessment of Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed
    • Enhanced clinical validity
    • Decreased emphasis on time with fewer time bonuses
    • Improved reliabilities and validities
    • Improved floors and ceilings on all subtests
    • Updated norms to match current 2000 U.S. census data
    • Replacement of outdated items
    • Includes a chapter on interpretation
    • Mazes, Object Assembly, and Picture Arrangement have been dropped
    • Information,Word Reasoning, Picture Completion, Arithmetic, and Cancellation are supplemental subtests
    • Culturally fair
    • Reduced weight and increased portability

    Benefits of WISC–IV

    The WISC–IV is designed to meet several goals:

    • Expand and strengthen clinical utility to support your decision making
    • Develop the four Index Scores as the primary interpretive structure
    • Improve the assessment of fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed
    • Improve subtest reliabilities, floors and ceilings from WISC–III
    • Link to the WIAT–II and to measures of memory (Children's Memory Scale, CMS), adaptive behavior (Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, ABAS), emotional intelligence (Bar-On EQ), and giftedness (Gifted Rating Scale, GRS)

    The Wechsler Tradition: Reliability And Clinical Validity

    Careful sampling ensures that norms are representative of the current population of children in the United States. The WISC®–IV sample consisted of 2,200 children between the ages of 6:00 and 16:11 years. A total of 200 children were selected for each of the 11 age groups. The sample was stratified on age, sex, parent education level, region, and race/ethnicity.

    Validity Studies

    Data was collected with an extensive range of validity measures and with children from sixteen special groups.

    Equivalency studies were also conducted within the Wechsler family of tests enabling you to make meaningful comparisons between variousWechsler scores over the lifespan.The Technical Manual reports results of internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and correlational data.

    WISC®–IV is also validated with measures of achievement, memory, adaptive behavior, emotional intelligence, and giftedness.

    • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test®—Second Edition (WIAT®–II)– linked to WISC®–IV for abilityachievement comparison
    • Children's Memory Scale® (CMS®)
    • Adaptive Behavior Assessment System—Second Edition (ABAS®–II)
    • Bar-On Emotional Quotient- Inventory® (Bar-On EQ-i®)
    • Gifted Rating Scales (GRS)


    Revision Overview

    • Improved assessment of Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed
    • Expand and strengthen clinical utility to support your decision making
    • Improved reliabilities and validities
    • Improve subtest reliabilities, floors and ceilings
    • Replacement of outdated items and reduced the inappropriate subtests
    • Culturally fair

    Details & Pricing

    Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children® — Fourth Edition (HONG KONG)
    Name Price(HKD)
    WISC-IV (HK) Kit - Soft Case (Manual, Stimulus Booklet, Block Design Blocks(9 blocks), 5 Record Forms, 5 Response Booklet 1, 5 Response Booklet 2, Scoring Key for Coding, Scoring Key for Symbol Search, Cancellation Scoring Template, #2 Pencil Without Eraser, CD of WISC-IV Technical and Interpretive Manual) $19,800.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Kit with Scoring Assistant - Soft Case $22,000.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Record Forms (25) $1,700.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Response Booklet 1 (25) $1,380.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Response Booklet 2 (25) $1,200.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Scoring Assistant  The Scoring Assistant software allows you to score a case, maintain demographic information and store raw scores. It features a table and graph report, which provides raw to scaled score conversions; index scores; and strength and weakness discrepancies. $2,800.00
    WISC-IV (HK) Consumable Combos Pack   WISC-IV (HK) Consumable Combos Pack: 1 Pack of 25 Record Forms , 25 Response Booklets 1 and 25 Response Booklets 2 $4,200.00
    WISC-IV (HK)[Short Form] Record Forms (50)   WISC-IV (HK) Record Forms [Short Form] 是專為配合WISC-IV(HK)簡短版施測使用的記分冊。[詳細介紹] $2,980.00
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